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 Security setting change

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PostSubject: Security setting change   Wed 25 Oct - 12:42

who the fuck change my singature?????? [ puted something stupid ]

some got access to the admin console and change my singature wtf thats the only way to change my singture
i checked the permintions board but nothing it was as it was last time i checked

and if he got acces to the admin panel he can get access to only eon forums...any one has anyidea how to stop that from happening?

just checked security and it doesnt show it the last actions are mine(my ip adress)

plz all the moderators
Quote :
Disallow Send by email a new password to administrators and moderators
This item disallow the use of ’I forgot my password’ for administrators and moderators.
It is recommanded to activate it (if you are sure to not forget your password...).
You can always modify your password in ’Profile’.
just activated it and, so u wont be able to find ur password if u forget it, after this i have to do it sorry everyboddy


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Security setting change
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